Face the crisis with 10 simple eco-habits


In this period, the more we can save our money the better we face the crisis. In the home environment, often, we consume more than what we actually need. However,  by following 10 simple eco-habits, with a little bit of effort we can significantly reduce bills costs, improve our house efficiency, as well as contribute to environmental safeguard. Not too bad…

  1. Do not warm your house over the 20° C. For each added grade consumption grows by 7%.
  2. Use low-consumption fluorescent bulps. You can save 15 € for each bulb. The lamps with eco-led need 7 times less energy!
  3. Substitute the old household appliances those categorised under A, A+ or A++. You can save up to 65 – 70 € each year.
  4. Always switch off the lights when you do not need them. You will save 30% on the consumption.
  5. Do not leave your TV, COMPUTER and DVD player on stand-by. In one year time you can cut at least 50 € of expenses.
  6. Choose the shower to the bath. With the amount of water needed to fill in the bath you can shower three times for 4 – 5 minutes.
  7. Install the beam tube on all your taps: you can reduce the water consumption by 40 – 50%, saving over 60 € per year!
  8. Try to connect the washing-machine and the dishwasher to you house’s hot water system In this way you can save up to 20 €.
  9. When using the dishwasher, avoid drying your plates with hot air. You can save up to the 45% of the energy consumed during the washing process.
  10. As for the washing-machine, choose low temperature programmes (40 – 60°C). In this way, you can reduce the energy consumption, your clothes last longer and you can save the 30 – 35% of money for each washing.

P. Brisotto

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